Partners & Sponsors:

Thanks to our Partners and Sponsors

Over the years our Vision and missions have been supported by our friends, sponsors and partner organisations who have played a vital role in helping us champion the growing of Otech Gaa Community Support INC., for the sustainable development of our Programs:

Below is a List of our Partners & Sponsors:

otech Gaa

Who Are We

Otech Gaa Community Organization is a Corporation organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational work in the Kenyan community.

About Otech Gaa

Otech Gaa Community Organization inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt registered Organization since Dec 2008 & Jan 02 2009 with the IRS & the state of Delaware respectively. Otech Gaa Community Organization is a grass roots initiative to encourage the community to pull resources together and help build the community from within. Our first and main objective is to bring all Kenyan people together in the U.S. under the umbrella of Otech Gaa Community Organization.

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